4m x 100m (400sqm) Hi-Vis Non-Woven Geotex Membrane

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Our Hi-Vis Non-Woven Geotex is designed for areas of contaminated ground, providing an obvious warning layer for contractors and clients. By using this non-woven membrane one signifies that no excavation or digging should take place beyond the point the geotex is laid. The fleece geotex also boasts great filtration and separation qualities, with the ability to prevent upwards movement of contaminated ground particles. We also recommend speaking to a member of our team for installations in contaminated areas to ensure the correct product is offered, as some substances and minerals require different kinds of treatment.

A full roll is 4m wide x 100m long, providing a total of 400 square metres. The polypropylene contains a UV inhibitor.


For joining the geotextile we recommend the Single-Sided Cloth Tape. For extra security, you can also use Barbed Geotex Pegs, fixing the membrane into the ground. Discounts are available for quantity orders.

Tensile Strength (MD)EN ISO 10319kN/m12
Tensile Strength (CMD)EN ISO 10319kN/m12
Tensile Elongation (MD)EN ISO 10319%22
Tensile Elongation (CMD)EN ISO 10319%18
CBR Puncture ResistanceEN ISO 12236N1800
Cone Drop PenetrationEN ISO 918mm14
Pore Size 90% Finer ThanEN ISO 12956microns200
Water Permeability EN ISO 11058m/sec18×10-3
Roll Sizem4 x 100m

Additional information

Weight45 kg
Dimensions450 × 20 × 20 cm
Full Roll

Full roll 4.5 x 100m – 450m2 geotex 78 gsm woven membrane.


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