Trade Geos solar farm membrane

Geotex Base Solutions for Solar Farms

When constructing a solar farm, it’s essential to lay a membrane to prevent any vegetation from growing around the panels.

This can make it challenging to maintain the area and keep the panels clean and operational. Trade Geos offers a range of nanotextile membranes perfect for solar farms, ensuring that your installation is protected correctly.
Choose from various materials to find the perfect solution for your membrane needs.

solar farms Membrane solution

A membrane is an integral part of the groundwork for any solar farm. Using a membrane from Trade Geos, you can ensure that the base will be appropriately constructed. Weeds, grass, and other growth will not get through and tangle around the solar panel frames. This makes it much easier to maintain the area in the future.
With a membrane in place, you can ensure that you will build your solar farm to last.

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These are just examples of what we can offer. However, we are happy to work with clients to exact a solution for any ground contamination problem.
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