Trade Geos Heavy Duty Woven Geotex

Porous Paving Membrane

A porous membrane is a great way to improve drainage on driveways and gardens.

The Geotex membrane allows water to flow quickly and easily, keeping your driveway or garden looking neat and well-maintained.

For best results, use the membrane with EcoGrid permeable paving stones for a seamless look that will last for years.

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reasons to use our membrane

There are many reasons you might want to use a membrane for paving. Perhaps the most important reason is that a membrane can help to keep your pavement in good condition.

By preventing soil and water from seeping through the cracks in your pavement. A membrane can help to keep your pavement looking fresh and new.
If you are looking for an environmentally friendly way to stop weeds from growing through your new pavement. You should consider using a Geotex membrane.

As well as these, a solid reason to use a permeable paving membrane is to stop ground level deviation. And keep each level of your ground where it should be. As this can help prevent massive financial and agricultural issues.

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