Erosion & Reinforcement Solutions


Geotex Solutions for Erosion Control & Slope Reinforcement

The primary cause of slope and embankment erosion is one that is both constant and ever changing; the climate. This is why long lasting, reliable methods of prevention are required to combat and control ground abrasion and attrition. Fortunately, there are several environmentally friendly solutions available to replace traditional stone filter layers.

Geotextile Membrane

In many circumstances, a standard geotex membrane will provide adequate protection from erosion, particularly in coastal locations. In flat, inland areas natural vegetation will assist with erosion control but on slopes and gradients plants don’t offer the same kind of resilience. For this reason, a layer of 100gsm Non-Woven is recommended for installation under a bedding of stone. The tough fabric and stone combination topped with a ‘rock armour’ resists the hydraulic reverse flows which ruin the bank stability with dynamic erosive force.

For projects where commercial vehicles could be heavily involved both during and post-installation, one may wish to consider using a higher grade of geotex membrane such as 200gsm or 300gsm.

EcoGrid Permeable Paving

The world leader in porous paving products offers a high quality prevention method against embankment erosion. Utilising the patented interlocking connection system the EcoGrid can be swiftly laid and, for steep gradients, secured into the ground with steel J-Pins. It is often recommended to use a layer of non-woven geotex membrane underneath the EcoGrid to provide reliable weed prevention. Thanks to its compact cellular design the permeable paving grid is suitable for a variety of infill materials such as turf or gravel, but always consider the type of installation and gradient. Once filled, extra protection against erosion will be provided.


EcoGrid Embankment Installation