5.25m x 100m (525sqm) Non-Woven Geotex Membrane 200gsm

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Our 200gsm Non-Woven Geotex is twice as strong as our standard 100gsm, making it ideal for more heavy duty construction projects involving roads, agriculture, soakaway/attenuation tank wrapping and equestrian applications such as commercial riding arenas.


Generally, the 200gsm Non-Woven Geotex is ideal for any application where reliable separation and filtration is required, along with extra stabilisation and durability. Non-woven geotextile membranes cover all the bases for domestic and commercial projects. For joining the geotextile we recommend the Single-Sided Cloth Tape. For extra security, you can also use Barbed Geotex Pegs, fixing the membrane into the ground. Discounts are available for quantity orders.

Tensile Strength (MD)EN ISO 10319kN/m16
Tensile Strength (CMD)EN ISO 10319kN/m16
Tensile Elongation (MD)EN ISO 10319%45
Tensile Elongation (CMD)EN ISO 10319%50
CBR Puncture ResistanceEN ISO 12236N2700
Cone DropEN ISO 13433mm19
Characteristic Opening SizeEN ISO 12956µm90
PermeabilityEN ISO 11058m/s90 x 10-3
Water Flow Normal to PlaneEN ISO 11058l/m2/s90
Water Flow in the Plane 20kPaEN ISO 12958m2/s7 x 10-6
Thickness under 2kPaEN ISO 9863-1mm1.55
WeightEN ISO 9864g/m2200
Roll Sizem5.25 x 100m

Additional information

Weight50 kg
Dimensions450 × 30 × 30 cm


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