Geotex Membrane for Driveways And Patios

It is a commonplace for a geotextile membrane to be used in domestic driveways, patios, and driveways. There is some dispute about what the best practice is. Whether the geotex is laid between the paving bedding and sub-base, or sub-base and sub-grade. In our experience, both can be effective depending on the type of installation at hand.

For example, when using porous paving or when there is no sub-grade, the membrane naturally goes under the bedding. However, we have found that prevention of the sub-base migrating down is key in all other circumstances. This is achieved by laying the geotex membrane above the sub-grade.

The ideal geotex membrane to use in footpaths and driveways is non-woven. Few contractors would specify woven since it does not provide reliable separation of layers. (bedding/sub-base or sub-base/sub-grade) due to its design. However, a non-woven fleece excels with its exceptional filtration and separation properties. For more information on Geotextiles check here.

This applies to all paving projects; driveways, patios, footpaths, etc.


Trade Geos Driveway Geotex Installation

Which one do i pick for driveways and patios ?

For a cost-effective solution, one should consider the Multitrack NW8, most likely in half (2.25 x 100m) or quarter (1.125 x 100m) rolls. In domestic scenarios, a 100gsm geotex membrane isn’t always required, and in fact, the lighter duty 80gsm NW6 may be preferred.

The only potential issue is that the NW6 can only be supplied as a complete 4.5m x 100m roll. However, this is ideal if future projects are likely.

These are just examples of what we can offer. However, we are happy to work with clients to exact a solution for any ground contamination problem.