Geotex Tree Root Protection

Geotex / Geogrid for Tree Root Protection

A membrane by Geogrid is an effective way to protect tree roots. The membrane helps hold the soil in place, preventing erosion and providing a barrier against root damage.

Geogrid also helps to improve drainage, allowing roots to access water and nutrients more efficiently. This can help trees to grow more vigorously and resist stress. By using membrane geogrid for tree root protection, you can help your trees to stay healthy and thrive.


When installing geogrid around trees, it is essential to take into account the whereabouts of the tree’s roots.

The membrane should be installed to allow the roots to grow freely and unimpeded. If any large roots need to be avoided, leave space around them.

Avoid covering up the tree’s root flare – this is where the trunk begins to branch out into the roots. If possible, install the membrane on a gentle slope so that water can quickly drain away from the tree’s roots. For More information on tree root protection installation see here.

By using membrane geogrid, you can help your trees to stay healthy and thrive. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information on membrane geogrid for tree root protection.