Trade Geos pond liner

Geotex for Commercial and Domestic Pond Underlay Lining

Ponds are vital in many commercial and domestic landscapes, adding to the overall aesthetic.

However, without pond underlay protection, ponds can quickly become damaged. They allow water to escape and cause extensive damage to the surrounding area. As well as causing agricultural damage, it could also harm your pondlife. This may result in more significant financial implications depending on what you have in your pond.

Pond liner from Trade Geos

Pond underlay additional information

Liner protection is essential for protecting the pond from external factors such as weeds, debris, animals and weather.

A liner will also help to regulate temperature. Keeping the water at a consistent level and preventing drastic changes could potentially prevent damage to aquatic life.
There are a variety of liner materials available on the market, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

It is crucial to select the right liner for your specific needs! To ensure maximum protection for your pond – or larger water project!

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