Double-Sided Butyl Geotex Joining Tape 100mm x 15m

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Our Double-Sided Butyl Tape is a reliable and effective means of joining geotex and geomembranes together in a variety of applications; from woven geotextile to gas barrier membranes and aluminium roofing. This is one of the most popular joining methods on the market and, having tried and tested the product for several years, we can only agree. For maximum effect it is best applied under weight, such as flooring or roofing materials.

As well as the 100mm x 15m common option, we offer a 50mm x 20m if preferable. You can view it here.


  • sealing of gas barrier membranes / geomembranes
  • joining woven geotex membrane
  • damp proofing courses
  • steel and aluminium roof systems


  • high resistance to moisture and chemicals
  • simple and quick installation
  • forms air and moisture tight seal

Additional information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions15 × 100 cm


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