5.25m x 50m (262.5sqm) Superior Non-Woven Geotex Membrane 650gsm

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Our 650gsm Non-Woven Geotex is not just thermally bonded like regular non-woven geotextile membranes, but also needle-punched to provide much greater strength and durability. This is the most heavy duty geotex readily available in the market, commonly specified for the highest quality riding arenas around the country, as well as industrial construction products. It’s strength and durability and virtually unparalleled in geotextile terms.


Generally, the 650gsm Non-Woven Geotex is ideal for any application where reliable separation and filtration is required, along with extra stabilisation and durability. Non-woven geotextile membranes cover all the bases for domestic and commercial projects. For joining the geotextile we recommend the Single-Sided Cloth Tape. For extra security, you can also use Barbed Geotex Pegs, fixing the membrane into the ground. Discounts are available for quantity orders.

Tensile Strength (MD)EN ISO 10319kN/m46
Tensile Strength (CMD)EN ISO 10319kN/m46
Tensile Elongation (MD)EN ISO 10319%65
Tensile Elongation (CMD)EN ISO 10319%65
CBR Puncture ResistanceEN ISO 12236N8000
Cone DropEN ISO 13433mm4
Characteristic Opening SizeEN ISO 12956µm70
PermeabilityEN ISO 11058m/s40 x 10-3
Water Flow Normal to PlaneEN ISO 11058l/m2/s40
Water Flow in the Plane 20kPaEN ISO 12958m2/s8.5 x 10-6
Thickness under 2kPaEN ISO 9863-1mm4.4
WeightEN ISO 9864g/m2650
Roll Sizem5.25 x 50m

Additional information

Weight50 kg
Dimensions450 × 30 × 30 cm


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