EcoGrid Complete Horse Arena Package for 20m x 60m Manege

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This package is identical to the requirements for a 30m x 40m manege.

Our complete riding arena packages are suitable for indoor or outdoor use and can also be applied to paddocks, turning areas, stables and suchlike.  For details on installation and maintenance see our applications page.

EcoGrid is the world leader in plastic porous paving, and the S50 model is ideal for equestrian projects thanks to its increased elasticity. Using the grid in conjunction with a non-woven geotex membrane provides a reliable, high quality riding surface that your horses will enjoy healthily.

This package includes:

These products can all be bought individually through the above links. Carriage for the EcoGrid itself is free!

As a team, our research over the years has demonstrated that simple geotex tape is the most effective and cost-effective joining method.


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